Faith <<3

Trailing through the forest of my thoughts
Leaning along the trees; bearing my emotions
Oblivious to all the sentiments gulping in my throat
Questioning myself, if I am enough
Enough for the people in my life

What if someone decides to leave me behind
What will be done to change their mind
All the illusions chaining around my neck
Suffocating me, making me breathless
Terrified I looked up the sky
A sense of faith settled in my heart
A voice in me dared to speak
You are enough it made me feel

The one Who created you, is the only one Who matters
Believe in Him, rest will settle
What’s best for you, will find you always
Faith, will guide you through this phase.

Stay :’)

All these unsaid words creating chaos in my mind can not be explained. But there is this sadness in my heart, circulating through the veins, reaching every part of my body making me aware of the pain that I have been ignoring. It was never about who was right or wrong, only if you could see all I wanted was for you to stay <\3

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