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Do you believe in happy endings?

I grew up watching Disney Channel and bollywood movies where the Knight on the white horse comes and saves the girl from everything and they end up togather living happily ever after. A perfect happy ending indeed! These were my favorite movies. And because of them I started believing that fairy tales happen in the real world too! That one day, my prince would come and will fulfil all my dreams. But now that I’m 22 and I see the real world spinning around me I have come to the realization that life is far far away from being a fairytale. It can be brutal sometimes and sometimes as bright as a sunflower but that doesn’t means that it’s not worth living or dreaming. It definitely is, however it becomes easy when you know it’s not Disney Land. it’s just life and life, maybe, is a bed of roses but with a couple of thorns attached to them. So do I believe in happy endings? Yes I do, but they come with a pinch of reality and that’s alright because one wouldn’t know what happiness felt like without knowing sorrow.


Faith <<3

Trailing through the forest of my thoughts
Leaning along the trees; bearing my emotions
Oblivious to all the sentiments gulping in my throat
Questioning myself, if I am enough
Enough for the people in my life

What if someone decides to leave me behind
What will be done to change their mind
All the illusions chaining around my neck
Suffocating me, making me breathless
Terrified I looked up the sky
A sense of faith settled in my heart
A voice in me dared to speak
You are enough it made me feel

The one Who created you, is the only one Who matters
Believe in Him, rest will settle
What’s best for you, will find you always
Faith, will guide you through this phase.